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Reconstructing & Design

Since 2004 in the field of restructuring, both residential and commercial. We deal with the practices of municipal permits and the site management, We are specialized in attention to the details.

The partnership between the Geom. Gozza Federico and the Geom. Lazzaroni Luca comes in 2014, as today they share decades of experience in the industry and a team of craftsmen, businessmen and professionals that allows them to better manage any kind of intervention.
The studio addresses an heterogeneous commissioning, including foreignersthanks to the knowledge of the English language.

In addition to the restructuring we take care of every aspect that concerns the technical sector, construction and real estate:
  • Technical drawings of the design;
  • landscape practices;
  • release of municipal authorizations;
  • metric estimation calculations;
  • site management;
  • direction of architectural and structural works;
  • renovation and new construction;
  • land registry practices;
  • reliefs plano elevation;
  • render graphics;
  • feasibility studies;
  • technical assistance and bureaucratic for the foreign client
  • appraisals and inheritance;
  • energy performance certificates;
  • realization of cafe and commercial premises;
  • design of SPA and wellness areas