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How to Write a Commentary

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This assignment requires you to evaluate a piece of literature, most often a novel, poem, or play. The key part of a successful commentary is a strong, clear thesis statement.

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By distorting incentives, ‘externalities’ mean markets fail to give producers and consumers the right signals to conserve our common resources. In the case of mothers and babies, this means suboptimal nutrition resulting in higher health care costs for society, as well as for families. Recent economic studies have highlighted the global economic costs of not breastfeeding, for countries and health systems, controlling idea example as well as for women and families . The publication and interpretation of these texts began in the mid-nineteenth century, with the discovery of the royal Assyrian libraries at Nineveh, from which ca. The study of cuneiform commentaries is, however, far from complete. It is the subject of ongoing research by the small, international community of scholars who specialize in the field of Assyriology.

  1. This is a thoroughly modern commentary on a key play in the theatrical genre of Old Comedy, which satirized virtually every aspect of Athenian life in a period when Athens was at the height of its power and international prestige.
  2. You could then make bullet points such as “Setting”, “Ambition”, “Class”, etc.
  3. The novel provides a powerful social commentary on post-war Germany.
  4. With the latest data on GHG from these health and environmental experts on escalating sales in China and nearby countries, the chickens may begin to come home to roost.
  5. No matter what you’re working on, having a clear goal and strong writing will help make your commentary successful.
  6. The study provided alarming new data on how the present formula feeding epidemic ‘costs the earth’ in the form of greenhouse gas emissions, and dangerous climate change.

Maternal investments in breastfeeding such as through time, skill and energy in practicing and supporting it, are unmeasured, invisible and taken for granted, a mothers’ capacity to provide care for others is treated as limitless, because women’s time is seen as free . The most vulnerable to the food insecurity, ill health and disease arising from greenhouse gas emissions, environmental damage, and climate change are those also exposed to formula and bottle feeding, often the poor living in exposed locations where land is cheaper. Baby milk formula requires mass production by the dairy industry, with plastic and other waste and degradation of land and waterways.

Holman Concise Bible Commentary

Tobacco industry techniques are now known to be used by Big Formula as well as Big Tobacco . This is not about charging mothers as ‘guilty’ about infant and young child feeding practices. ‘Choice’ is the language of markets and marketing, but women’s decision-making on infant and young child feeding is far more complex. Individuals may in reality have far less influence on infant feeding than the public policies and health institution practices in the country they live in . Wider public policy and institutional frameworks are now well understood to be important for individual women’s and families’ decisions and practices. Responsibility lies with policymakers, as much as with parents.

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One of Herodotus’ greatest achievements was his ‘discovery or invention of universal historical space’, and the task he set himself, according to Asheri, was to locate Greek culture and experience within it. This new awareness of a wider spatial and historical field is reflected in the structuring of the whole work around individual logoi. Asheri argues that these developed out of originally independent treatises, which Herodotus came to realise could be brought together to weave a larger and more comprehensive story. For improved accessibility of PDF content, download the file to your device. The novel provides a powerful social commentary on post-war Germany. A commentary can make a great companion to your time with God. Don’t be afraid to keep one alongside you as you study his Word.

The Tony Evans Bible Commentary

While a commentary may be critical of an article published in the journal, it is important to maintain a respectful tone that is critical of ideas or conclusions but not of authors. In the last decade or so, studies of Herodotus have flourished in the English-speaking world.

As in the rest of your data commentary, your conclusion should refer to specific pieces of data. In a data commentary, you will likely want to use charts or graphs to help illustrate the results. You might include a table that shows how much American households pay for insurance. You will then want to comment on and bridge essay analyze those visuals. You might also be asked by your boss or teacher to write a data commentary. When you use specific examples, make sure that you clearly illustrate how it connects back to the larger theme. You are using Miss Havisham’s wedding dress as an example of the grief that comes with a lost love.

Martin Luther’s Bible Commentary

I had my doubts along the way, but my heart was glad at the end. Just 4 years later, in 2019, the news on climate change is many times worse, but at least the World Health Organization is paying attention to the issue of milk formula. At the current level of governments commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the world is set for a disastrous 3 °C of warming unless effective action is taken within 11 years . Richard Perkins is a Writing Coach, Academic English Coordinator, and the Founder of PLC Learning Center.

a commentary

As someone who has read thousands of essays, though, I noticed that many students try to make a strong point using a lot of quotes. To get better results, you should find the quotes and decide for yourself which ones are the most valuable and truly speak to the reader. In your conclusion, make sure to do more than just repeat what you’ve already said. Using different wording, you can reemphasize the significance of the results. Your conclusion is the piece that will tie the rest of your commentary together. You should also indicate why the piece of text that you read is important. When you move to a new example, use a good transition word or phrase.

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High breastfeeding populations are more resilient in emergencies, lactating mothers provide the essential and only truly safe nourishment for human infants . Supporting cross nursing and milk sharing when a child’s own mother is unavailable or unable to breastfeed, a practice well evidenced in human history, can provide life-saving potential during humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters . The production of commentaries began to flourish in the 16th century as part of the humanist project to recover the texts of antiquity, with its related boom in publishing. In the modern era, a commentary differs from an annotated edition aimed at students or the casual reader in that it attempts to address an exhaustive range of scholarly questions, many of which may be of concern or interest primarily to specialists.

State an issue or theme you’ve identified, show where you’ve found it in the work, then explain what effect the issue or theme has on the work. In the commentaries, a large number of issues have been raised, and it would take another article how to start off a descriptive essay to deal with all of them in detail. Filmed in Houston in front of a live studio audience, Barr provides commentary on several topics, including moving to Texas after growing up Jewish in Salt Lake City and acknowledging privilege.

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But instead of commenting on a book or film, you are writing about a set of data. A data commentary may occasionally be a stand-alone piece of writing, but it is typically found in the end of a report, generally called the Results or Discussion. This purpose of this paper is to discuss how to start a quote in an essay some observations in the forensic accounting-based fraud literature. The authors identify recent advances in the literature and highlight several important issues that are worth noting. While the Bible is clear on the essentials of the faith, not all of Scripture is equally as clear.

We often need multiple perspectives and explanations to help us wrap our minds around an idea or topic. on Aristophanes’ Knights presents a fresh look at the play that cemented Aristophanes’ reputation as a rising star in comic theater.

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This problem has been highlighted in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United States, China and East Asia, where the policy conflicts with government’ goals for industry development or labour market expansion are not hard to find . The goal of publishing commentaries is to advance the research field by providing a forum for varying perspectives on a certain topic under consideration in the journal. The author of probably has in-depth knowledge of the topic and is eager to present a new and/or unique viewpoint on existing problems, fundamental concepts, or prevalent notions, or wants to discuss the implications of a newly implemented innovation. A commentary may also draw attention to current advances and speculate on future directions of a certain topic, and may include original data as well as state a personal opinion.

  1. Only Lloyd makes concessions for the undergraduate reader of Greek.
  2. We hope you will send us a commentary whenever you think there is a need to broaden the perspectives on health and well-being presented in our journal.
  3. Originally written in 1706, Matthew Henry’s six volume Complete Commentary provides an exhaustive look at every verse in the Bible.
  4. Meanwhile the highly sustainable and efficient food system provided by lactating women for infants and young children through breastfeeding is invisible, unvalued and disrupted by food policies .
  5. Chantal Wright’s translation includes an introduction which positions the text in relation to current developments in translation studies, and provides prefatory explanations before each section as a guide to Walter Benjamin’s ideas.
  6. “I found it difficult to write a commentary, but this article has really helped me.”

Each Scripture passage is enhanced with insights on key themes and ideas. Featured articles provide a deeper look at essential concepts, while the contemporary language allows for easy reading. And because some subjects are open to interpretation for discussion, we have included perspectives from leading theologians from all backgrounds and denominations. An interactive approach to Scripture that will challenge your ideas and build your faith—which is what reading the Bible is all about. The WHO UNICEF Global Strategy on Infant and Young Child Feeding sets out the now well-established effective policies and interventions for improving breastfeeding and optimal IYCF – such as paid maternity leave, BFHI and WHO International Code implementation .

Chantal Wright’s translation includes an introduction which positions the text in relation to current developments in translation studies, and provides prefatory explanations before each section as a guide to Walter Benjamin’s ideas. These include influential concepts such as the ‘afterlife’ of literary works, the ‘kinship’ of languages, and the metaphysical notion of ‘pure language’. The Age of Translation is a vital read for students and scholars in the fields of translation studies, literary studies, cultural studies and philosophy.